Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Ball

Maypril 6000, 1204

Last night a messenger boy showed up at our door. I told “Cinderella” to answer it. She took her time by walking down the stairs and walking across the hall the short way. The message read

Dear Loyal Subject,

All the maids of the kingdom are invited to a ball. The Prince shall be looking for his bride. Gotta run.

The Royal Ball Planner/Matchmaker

“Girls,” I screamed. There’s a ball at Prince Elvis’ Rock Castle! My daughters asked me if Cinderella was going. “Dear me, no,” I said. The very thought of Cinderella in a fancy ball gown just made me laugh and laugh until I had to sit down and rest.

This afternoon Stella, Nellie, and I are going to go shopping for gowns for the ball. My husband can afford to buy us the best, so we’ll have the most expensive, glamorous gowns at the ball. I think I’ll have them all sewn with solid gold thread! I’m sure the prince will pick one of my daughters for his bride, though how he’ll decide between them, I’ll never know.